Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Summer hires at NOAA Coast Survey

NOAA Coast Survey contractor Earth Resources Technology (ERT) currently has four paid open summer project positions for current geography/GIS students (undergrad or graduate) or recent graduates.  Three positions are located in downtown Silver Spring, MD at NOAA headquarters.  The fourth position is located in Norfolk, VA on the NOAA campus downtown.  The positions are full-time (40 hours/week) for 10-12 weeks (start and end times are adjustable for different summer break schedules).

NOAA's Office of Coast Survey maintains the nation's nautical charts, surveys the coastal seafloor, responds to national maritime emergencies, and searches for underwater obstructions and wreckage. 

1) Marine Chart Division - Chart Adequacy (Silver Spring) - The selected applicant will perform various geographic information systems (GIS) analysis tasks and compile lidar bathymetric data sets to generate coverage maps, intersect source layer data in order to generate adequacy maps, generate bathymetric coverage maps, and process vessel traffic data (Autonomous Identification Systems).

2) Integrated Ocean and Coastal Mapping - Crowd-sourced Bathymetry (Silver Spring) - The selected applicant will support Coast Survey's interdisciplinary program for coordinated ocean and coastal mapping.  He or she will be responsible for aggregating the best available crowd-sourced bathymetric data for areas of interest.  He or she will perform GIS analyses on several data sources, converting data to a format to be readily ingested by Coast Survey, and deliver a procedure document for future use to follow the same workflow.

3) Hydrographic Surveys Division - Hydro Health Model Validation (Silver Spring) - The selected applicant will support Coast Survey's new method for evaluating and validating final output of a new "Hydrographic Health" model through outreach and interaction with Coast Survey's regional Navigation Managers.  He or she will design an automated form that requests input from the user on the necessity for conducting a hydrographic survey in a given area from the maritime community.  He or she will synthesize and analyze the collected survey data to make recommendations for improving the next iteration of the model.

4) Hydrographic Surveys Division - Survey Quality Assurance (Norfolk) -  The selected applicant will write scripts to mine data from PDF forms (Survey Acceptance Reviews) to identify common quality assurance issues with NOAA hydrographic surveys; automate data movement and transfer summaries; and write scripts to automate Danger to Navigation (DTON) scanning (algorithm based on existing rules and guidelines employed by hand).

ERT is looking to fill the positions soon and the announcement will close when each position is filled.

Kathleen Jamison
Chief, Resource Management Staff
NOAA Office of Coast Survey