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Department of Geographical Sciences Study Abroad Programs:
  • Summer Program: GEOG 358A or HONR298A: Croatia: At the Doorsteps of the European Union-Leaving Behind the Memories of War and Communism
          - Led by Mila Zlatic   

The program: Learn about Croatia's geomorphology, culture, and political history by visiting several cities and natural wonders of the region. You will begin your program in Dubrovnik investigating George Bernard Shaw's quote, "those who seek paradise on earth should come to Dubrovnik." The program group will then travel along the Dalmatian coast to the island Vis to join a group of students from the University of Zagreb. You will spend several days exploring the city of Split and how it has developed since it was founded in the 4th century. Finally, get acquainted with the capital city of Zagreb and learn about the country's socioeconomic development, geopolitical progress, and entrance into the EU. Be prepared for long walks in the Mediterranean sun, visits to historical attractions and cultural performances, lectures, and the opportunity to investigate human and settlement development.
The highlights:
  • Orientation session with the Ambassador, as guests in the Embassy of Croatia
  • One-week joint program with the students from the University of Zagreb on the island of Vis
  • Guest lecture from the president of the University of Split
  • Visit to the Plitvice lakes in Karst that are under UNESCO protection

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  • Winter Program: GEOG 358B: Topics in Regional Geography: Geography of the Southern Caribbean
           - Led by Joseph Trocino

The program: This course offers a unique and challenging "hands-on" study of the Southern Caribbean. After a one-day class session in College Park and two nights on the island of Saint Marteen, which we will explore on horseback, students will board a tall ship for seven days of sailing about the Leeward Islands. The class will visit Dutch, French, and English-heritage islands as we sail about the Caribbean. Beyond visiting islands under study, we'll learn to climb into the rigging, navigate, and work the helm. Joseph Trocino has been leading short-term study abroad programs to the Caribbean for the past nine years.

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               - Led by Joseph Trocino

The program: Explore diverse physical and cultural geographies as you take part in this geographical survey course in the Caribbean. During this course, you will spend time in Spanish, French, and English-heritage islands, meet locals in each location, and experience the variety of regional cultures. This course will introduce you to the environment, language, and culture of several parts of the Caribbean and challenge you to take a hands-on approach to learning the geography of the region.
The highlights:
  • Visit six separate biomes in Puerto Rico
  • Examine a bioluminescent water environment
  • Walk the grounds of the oldest fortress in the Western Hemisphere
  • Jump off a lciff into a waterfall high up on a volcano in Grenada
  • Hear presentations by Puertoricano leaders and experts
  • Eat Puerto Rico's special Criollo cuisine

  • Summer Program: GEOG 358C: Investigating the Geographical Impacts of Urbanization in China
         - Led by Shunlin Liang and Mila Zlatic

The program: Learn about the interaction of physical and cultural landscapes and human activity as you explore urban China. This program is a collaboration between UMD and Beijing Normal University and gives you an exciting opporutnity to engage in field research as you explore topics of urbanization, collect data, and analyze your findings through computerized mapping systems and other technology. Through lectures and hands on field work, you will learn from professionals in the field of geography and expand your skill set.
The highlights:
  • Opportunity to play an active role in field research related to Chinese urbanization
  • Daily lectures by top professionals in various institutions
  • Visits to national institutions such as the Beijing Environment Monitoring Station, Urban Planning Exhibition Hall in Beijing and Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Sciences
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